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Dogshit and Cancer: Selected Grievances (Second Edition)

  • Dogshit and Cancer: Selected Grievances (Second Edition)

Due to insatiable demand, we are now going to print a 2nd run so that all you sickos who were late to the party don't miss out!


The debut book from Daragh Markham (Inhuman Nature, Dungeon, Who Cares?). Available September 1st.

Early praise for Dogshit and Cancer -

"Whilst even that fearsome Discharge tattoo on his neck doesn't stop him looking like a cheeky choirboy the writing in Daragh's book being launched tonight pack every bit as much as much punch as his gnarly riffs do, a visceral energy leaping from every page transporting you into the scenarios recounted, even the mundane becoming memorable.

If Cancer and Dogshit is a taster of what we can look forward to in future work it's guaranteed to make as much of an impression on the genre of 'Punk Writing' as a maggot ridden fox landing on your head." - Chris Low (Oi Polloi, The Apostles)

“These stories of everyday depravity will ring true to anyone who has spent more than their fair share of time trapped in menial work like being stuck behind a bar serving swill to indifferent punters while dreaming of something more meaningful. Markham’s dreams, however, might be more horrifying than most people’s quotidian reality. “ - Charlie Wooley (Crypt of the Wizard)

"What’s immediately obvious is that each of these short, dynamic stories is buried under a thick coat of grime and filth. Every character’s life is mired in a pit of alcohol-infused sweat, crusty blood, and questionable white powder. However, once you wipe away that top layer - beneath all the ash and illegible patches - you will find an engaging cast of complex and beautiful people living within Daragh’s prose. Drink it all in. Savour the experience. You may find that these cocktails of suffering laced with hope taste all too familiar." - James Stelzer (IMAGINATIONLAND Podcast)