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Reece Thomas - Betrayed By The Sun (CS)

  • Reece Thomas - Betrayed By The Sun (CS)

Reece Thomas (Samara) -

This record was the first piece of music I made after leaving the UK to settle in my new home in Germany. With Isolation, peak pandemic, lockdowns, rising numbers as well as anxieties of setting up a completely new life in a new country, my honesty with my identity and dedication to my sobriety was a constant reflection to get me through these extremely long and surreal days. 'Betrayed By The Sun' is a reflection of this time for me.

Leaving most of my possessions and music equipment behind, I wanted to embrace the basics and challenge myself to do something new. To rely completely on emotion and not 'edit' too much of my playing. Keeping these songs as close to what naturally came out as possible. This record was pieced together with a laptop and voice notes on my phone.

Listen and support the artist directly here - https://reecethomas.bandcamp.com/album/betrayed-by-the-sun