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Samara - Demo (CS) w/ Zine

  • Samara - Demo (CS) w/ Zine

5 tracks of lo-fi blown out dungeon synth with vicious attacks of black metal infused punk with trans queer themes and nightmare landscapes.

"We have been here since the beginning of time, you will never eradicate us"


“Samara’s debut release is a haunting journey into the ever expanding abyss, opening with a screeching howl into the void. Carefully crafted layers of sonic waste pummel your ears and place you into a trance. Only after the onslaught lets up are you further dizzied by the creeping interludes that wind their way through twisted passages and corridors before breaking into pure madness once again!!

Black metal that dissolves all sense of identity into an amorphous entity that stretches into the far reaching caverns of the universe and your mind. Twisted and treacherous black metal!!!“ - Preston Weippert / Of Feather And Bone