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Reece Thomas - Dysphoria (CS)

  • Reece Thomas - Dysphoria (CS)

Reece Thomas (Samara) -

"This record was made over the course of 4 months and it is the closing chapter of my life in the uk. ‘Dysphoria’ documents my intense relationship to the sea and the quiet beaches of my hometown, how they helped shape my relationship with Gender and femininity. No matter how turbulent and confusing times could be, the solitude of the warren would always be a fascinating and healing venture. Without pressure, without masculinity, without autism, held only by the sounds of the ocean, the creaking of branches and feminine presence. Studying the roots of trees tearing through the sands and leaping into the ocean, I developed a life long obsession with overlapping and weaving textures, how nature and history impact our relationships with ourselves and each other. I gazed into tranquil waves and found the person I learnt not to be." - Reece